Transformative Leadership Networks For Social Change


Growing inequality is an urgent and sticky problem affecting the health of our democracy and our communities and requiring institutional and grass roots leadership equal to the task of mobilizing and sustaining broad-scale change.   This class of problems requires solutions that are not simply technical or managerial, and that transcend the largely individual-focused strategies that have characterized many leadership, fellowship, diversity, civic engagement initiatives over the past three decades. 

women talking together

Entrenched and structural inequality demands transformative leadership rooted in addressing pressing problems and equipped to: change the hard wiring that preserves embedded inequality, address multi-dimensional problems that cut across institutional boundaries, mobilize networks, build collective will across diverse stakeholders, and work at many different levels of the ecosystem.

Project Description

Several projects fall under the umbrella of transformative leadership aimed at building a more just society.  They include:

  • Co-chairing, a working group on Transformative Leadership for Social Justice, with Nancy Cantor.  We have prepared a white paper entitled Transformative Leadership for a More Just Society: Revitalizing Higher Education’s Role
  • Collaborating with LADO on building a diversity and innovation collaborative linking liberal arts institutions and research universities
  • Developing a network of law students and lawyers focused on cultivating knowledge, curricula, and collaborations facilitating transformative leadership
  • Producing a podcast series highlighting the work of innovative lawyers involved in social change