About Us

Mission Statement

The Center for Institutional and Social Change mission is to advance just and equitable legal and social institutions by anchoring systems change in the leadership of those directly impacted by racism and mass incarceration.


The Center undertakes multi-method, collaborative research projects with innovative institutions and individuals pursuing full participation and institutional citizenship goals, within and across specific institutional settings. Our research methodology includes qualitative and participatory action research, surveys, network and stakeholder mapping, and collaborative inquiry.

Capacity Building

The Center uses the knowledge generated through its research and reflective inquiry with partners to build the capacity of programs, organizations and networks to advance full participation and with the goal of having maximum and lasting impact. The Center facilitates development of organizational capacity in systems thinking, transformative leadership development, multi-level assessment and evaluation, reflective inquiry, network development, and community building.

Systems Assessment

The Center develops indicators of changes in the practices, institutions and networks that signal shifts in the structure, system, culture or constitution of a setting.  The focus of this inquiry is on understanding the indicators of and related strategies accounting for the development of settings that enable full participation.