Breakthrough in Abolition Through Transformative Learning Exchange (BATTLE)

BATTLE  joins formerly incarcerated community leaders and law students in advancing actionable social justice projects aimed at full participation of those affected by incarceration and structural racism in transforming the institutions affecting them.

How we work:

BATTLE has developed strategies, projects, and modes of accountability that produce genuine, trust-based, and effective collaborations, led by people directly affected by incarceration and equipped to build agency and produce systems change.

What we do: 

Using critical participatory action research, BATTLE projects build long-term collaborations among people directly affected by incarceration, law students, and lawyers who are working to reduce mass incarceration and promote anti-racism. 

Current BATTLE project include: 

  1. Reimagining the Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM)
  2. Community Informed Trauma Aware-Lawyering
  3. Speech and Debate for Communities Affected by Mass Incarceration
  4. Amplifying the Impact of Participatory Defense